Premature ejaculation

Sexual intercourse is believed to be and accepted as an experience from which both partners should benefit. Hence, climaxing together is most important to each partner. If there is a difference in each climax, problems may develop in relationships that may exceed any boundary.

There are various reasons for this taking place; the factors influencing this process may be psychological as well as physical. It is often accepted that when younger men in particular have se after a long period they are most likely to climax sooner. With regular sexual activity, they learn to control this problem. Older men tend to have more control, and this may even be referred to as delayed ejaculation on their part due to the age factor. Anxiety is typically associated with premature ejaculation, as men, in particular younger men, tend to be more anxious.

Influencing this anxiety are physical factors such as one’s blood pressure or general state of health. However, men usually get over these factors with experience and learn to control themselves better. In addition to learning through experience, two other common methods that are employed for delaying ejaculation include:

1. The “start-stop” method; in this process the male withdraws his penis from the vagina as many times as required in order to delay ejaculation

2. The “squeeze” method; this carried out by applying gentle pressure to the head of the penis with the index finger and thumb, which successfully prevents ejaculation.

The above methods are ones that are conventionally applied. However, they are not the only ones applied.
In addition to these methods, it must be asserted that there are other means devised. These include:

1. The use of desensitizing creams; this reduces the sensations experienced by males during intercourse, which enables them to last longer.

2. The use of condoms; this reduces the amount of sexual stimulation that is usually experienced during sex.