Men’s Health Problems

Health problems that do affect men and women regardless of sex include heart disease, hypertension, etc. However each of the sexes tends to suffer from unique diseases. This refers top diseases that only one particular sex can have, such as cervical cancer in women and prostrate conditions in men. Certainly there is more than one of these conditions that affects men; prostrate cancer is not the only condition they may suffer with. Men tend to suffer from problems such as testicular torsion, Orchistis (swelling of the testes) erectile dysfunction, prostrate cancer and enlarged prostrate. In most cases each of these conditions can be avoided if one adheres to healthy activity and healthy eating as well.
• Testicular torsion
• Orchistis (swelling of the testes)
• Erectile dysfunction
• Prostrate cancer
• Enlarged prostrate
Testicular conditions include: testicular cancer, torsion, scrotum swelling, etc.
1 It must be particularly noted that testicular cancer is largely ignored by men until it is very late. This is because of the fact that in most cases it is painless and difficult to detect. At first there is a swelling, and this gradually develops into a vicious life-threatening lump. It is suggested that one his testes examined by a physician in order to detect any changes in them. If one is not comfortable with doing so he may have his sex partner examine them for him.
2 Aside from cancer, testicular torsion is another problem that men have. This condition is marked by swelling and pain in the testes. The pain may travel up the abdomen and change the color of the scrotal skin. This condition could be caused by severe twisting of the region where it occurs, and in most cases it should be treated within few hours. If it is not treated timely enough the changes that occur may be permanent ones.
3 Orchistis is a condition that occurs when men catch mumps. It can be excruciating to tolerate. Often both testes swell up and are accompanied by fever. The condition is said to last between three to seven days and may even travel up the epididymis in the abdomen.
Aside from the testicular conditions that one may experience, erectile dysfunction is also a known male problem. Many men may not like to admit or talk about such a problem because it is demoralizes them; they feel at a loss because they cannot really act as an average man, sexually speaking. Erectile dysfunction means that one cannot get a proper erection, and hence cannot have proper sexual intercourse. This condition is caused by the lack of proper blood supply to the erectile tissue, which is actually a function that enables an erection. There are medicines manufactured today that treat this condition and help men restore their male potency and self-esteem too.
In view of all the male problems that have been mentioned above it must be asserted that a healthier life style could prevent particular conditions. To begin with, a proper diet is important, and it should consist of the following: Bread, Cereals, Fruit, vegetables, milk, meat, fish, and beans or lentils. In addition to a good diet, adequate exercise is also recommended, and it should be done regularly. This helps prevent parts of the body from sagging and developing into conditions that begin affecting men when they are past their late 20s or early 30s. Managing stress is also important as this helps one to cope with conditions that he may develop.