Erectile dysfunction pills are an all-natural male enhancement supplements that promise to achieve for you the penis size you have always dreamed of. It does not only promise to give your manhood the boost it needs, it also promises to give you harder, more powerful erections, increase you sexual desire and stamina, and more intense orgasms (
ED pills work because it contains a blend of herbal ingredients and botanicals known for many years to have aphrodisiac properties and promote overall sexual health. Although it does not contain any special ingredient, its formulation seems potent enough to lead to outstanding results.
According to the makers of ED pills, the ingredients all synergistically work together to bring blood flow into the penis for more powerful erections. This, in turn would eventually lead to a longer and wider manhood – or at least in appearance. While there is still no evidence that proves ED pills to be effective in increasing penile growth in length and girth, the stronger erections it helps achieve as well as the increased self-confidence and stamina the ED pills give seems satisfying enough for most users.

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Natural Viagra Alternatives – with Pomegranate Ellagic Acid

I believe that male potency is a key factor for everyone. It makes a man stronger and more confident. Moreover, it gives the ability to cope with stress easily, and to enjoy life at full breath. Click here to read about the best natural over-the-counter alternatives to Viagra that work.

In fact, your body needs hormones (testosterone), zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as the B group of vitamins. They are necessary for sexual desire and good erections. According to a study conducted, Natural Viagra have the ingredient needed to restore potency – the pomegranate extract.
* Vitamin C has antioxidant properties. It keeps your cells healthy. It is involved in the production of the “pleasure” hormone, dopamine, which, in its turn, is responsible for libido. Pomegranate improves the blood flow in small vessels, which has positive effect, flooding the penis with blood during an erection. Moreover, it increases resistance to stress.
* Vitamin E normalizes the endocrine glands involved in the development of the male sex hormone (testosterone). In addition, it supports blood vessels health, thereby reducing the physiological risks of impotence. It prevents many causes of premature aging.
* Vitamins of the B group are involved in all metabolic processes. They maintain a good heart health, dilating the peripheral blood vessels. In other words, they help to lower the blood pressure. They also increase the speed of nerve impulses, improving the function of the central nervous system.
* Zinc is involved in the production of testosterone, which affects nearly every cell in the male body. But most of all, it affects the sexual activity, increasing libido.
Natural Viagra with Zinc improves the quality and quantity of sperm. It also prevents prostate diseases.
Natural Viagra – The Perfect Natural Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Viagra Ingredients

Natural Viagra pills contain potent ingredients which have been proven for years for their exceptional abilities towards male enhancement. Here is a list of some of the most important herbal ingredients as natural alternatives to Viagra:
Horny Goat Weed or Epimedium Sagittatum – an ingredient used in Chinese medicine for many centuries because of its significant effect in improving sexual desire both in men and women
Gingko biloba (leaf extract) – a potent ingredient that increase blood flow not only to the penis for that stronger erection, but to the brain as well a fuller, mind-blowing experience
Cayenne Fruit – known to work in stimulating blood flow to the heart and the nerves for that faster, longer, firmer erection.
Saw Palmetto – highly regarded to be a natural aphrodisiac which can increase sexual drive and promote overall reproductive health
Ginseng – known to have strong aphrodisiac powers and can effectively combat infertility, impotence, and even premature ejaculation.
Muira Puama – considered an effective sexual stimulant which can improve libido and treat erectile dysfunction in men
Damiana – a medicinal herb known for treating impotence, sterility and promoting better sexual balance
Other ingredients in natural alternatives to Viagra include vegetable stearate, cellulose and silica. It contains no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

ED Drugs Ingredients

Natural ED pills contains effective, scientifically-proven ingredients to bring about penis enlargement in the fastest means possible.

Money Back Guarantee

Natural ED pills offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If you have been taking the pills for a while and you are not pleased with the results, you can give all bottles to ED drugs and be entitled to a full 100% refund, including shipping fees. However, to be entitled to the full refund, you will need to return your ED pills bottles within 60 days from the date you received the product. Also, while you can return an unlimited number of unused bottles, you can only return at most 2 empty bottles (corresponding to a 2-month worth of consumption). Their website features a Refund Form where you can course your money back claims.
ED supplements Money Back Guarantee
Erectile dysfunction supplements provides a 180-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. This 6-month long guarantee proves to be one of the longest and best guarantees in the male enhancement market today. Simply take MaleExtra for 90 straight days and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can return BOTH empty and full boxes of MaleExtra to them within 180 days and they will refund you the whole amount you paid for.
It seems very easy for any male enlargement product to offer these perks, but there are only a few of them that actually honour the guarantee. It is easy to see how Forskolin honours their guarantee conditions – they have a fantastic support team and a toll free number you can reach

Testosterone Booster to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

The elevation of T levels leads to the improvement of sexual potency in men. In addition, it contributes to the muscle growth and muscle strength enhancement. Moreover, 3 studies conducted in 2009, 2010, and 2013 have indicated that testosterone pills can increase male fertility. In particular, testosterone booster supplements containing this herbal ingredient improve sperm motility, volume, and concentration greatly.


No matter how technologically advanced and sophisticated human beings may become socially speaking, they cannot afford to lose their natural instinctive characteristics. If they do so, they will no long have the effects they have on their fellow human beings. Hence, natural instincts such as the se-drive are necessary to all human beings.

Those who suffer from a lack of this drive have been known to feel inferior to other individuals. This in fact is a natural reaction to other individuals having the upper hand and being more dominant. Having said this, it must be realized that those suffering with impotence are often demeaned by others who know about it, and as a result, these individuals are further psychologically affected. Generally speaking, the causes are the result of psychological of physical disturbance. This is the reason why impotence is said to be a condition rather than a disease.
Often, diseases are responsible for impotence.

Natural dysfunctions within the body are also known to cause impotence too. Diabetes is one that is known to cause impotence in men and women too. However, generally, it is males who tend to suffer more with impotence than women. This is because they need to be more charged for an erection to take place. The following three failures disallow erection:
1. Failure to ‘start-off’ is because of impaired release of the chemical messages sent via the nervous system,
2. Failure to accumulate results from inadequate blood flow into the penis,
3. Failure to store is due to leakage in the veins; blood is released too quickly from the penis, and leak back into the body.

Keeping the above in mind, it must be asserted that in most cases, impotence is physical rather than psychological as stated earlier. The above three failure could be the result of diabetes (as mentioned earlier), high blood pressure, stroke or prostate disease, etc. In particular it must be noted that diseases of the blood vessels (vascular disease) is the chief cause of impotence. Quite evidently, treating these diseases would help cure impotence. However, people often resort to measures that do not target treatment of their diseases; they often go for increasing their sex-drive directly. This is inappropriate, as the root of the problem is not removed, and one might eventually succumb to his of her disease if left unattended. However, the following are still applied to those who suffer with impotence:
1. Drug therapy
2. Penile implants
3. Vacuum erection device
4. Injection therapy
5. Urethral suppository
6. Diet pills